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Current Player Characters

Vician Windsailor

Vician is a Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric of Marcus. He has just completed his service as an acolyte in the temple of Marcus in Belmere, where he has served for the last 4 years.

Player: Fernando

Elorin Trannyth

Elorin is a young Paladin of Marcus, serving in the order of the Crusaders of the Holy Sun. As part of his religious training, he has served in the temple of Marcus in Belmere for the last 3 years, but is now finished with his studies and ready to serve the cause.

Player: Roy

Ahkeem Tapisces

Ahkeem is a Human Ranger hailing from Belmere, where he grew up.

Player: Brett

Oland Brand

Oland is a young cleric of Marcus. He has just finished his 4-year term as an acolyte at the temple of Marcus in Belmere.

Player: Jan Kjetil

Gromash Tyrshafn

Sailor, found surviving the shipwreck after the tsunami.

Player: Tormod

Alon Nighthall

Alon is a young wizard who apprenticed under Godfrey in Belmere

Player: Tor Olav

Non-Player Characters

Jinni Bann

Jinni Bann is the daughter of the lord of Silver Keep on Ilara. She has studied wizardry, and to her father's chagrin, she is the adventurous sort. Lately, it has been revelead that she is probably a cursed one, like the player characters.

Past Player Characters

Arreth Sharlon

Arreth is a young wizard, just finished with his tutelage under Godfrey, the village elder of Belmere.

Player: Morten

Catherina Ravencrest

After her long-time apprenticeship under the village elder of Belmere, Godfrey, Catherina is now ready to begin her life of adventure.

Player: Irene


Aron is a Druid from the Belmere region.

Player: Tor Olav

Robin Overhill

Robin is a Halfling Thief hailing from the Belmere region.

Player: Constanza

Dragon Characters

Aeneus Perditor

Aeneus is a copper dragon. Player: Brett