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Virana has a rich history stretching over thousands of years. The known eras are

Age of the Great Dragons

In the Age of the Great Dragons the world were ruled by dragons. During this age, many important events took place, long before the rise of the civilizations of the younger races, such as the elves, dwarves, and much later, the humans. During this age, the dragons had a kind of civilization. It was much looser defined than we tend to do today, but the dragons arranged themselves in clans, and had a hierarchy that extended beyond their color (but stayed within the main type [Metallic, Chromatic, Gem]). And while the dragons still mainly used caves and the like for their lairs, they did produce some buildings and artworks, often with the help of vassals. Examples of this includes temples, forges and statues.

Age of the Great Races

During this age, we saw the emergence of the civilizations of the dwarves and the elves. During the height of this age, their civilizations thrived, and dominated the world. As this age came to an end, we saw the decline and ruin of these civilizations, leaving a void for humanity to fill. Many ruins from this period survive to the modern day, and can be found by brave explorers. Due to the fact that these often contain numerous traps, and often monsters who have found a home here, sensible people usually keep away, leaving these ruins unexplored even if near civilization. These ruins only serve as a tiny glimpse into what once was though.

Age of Humanity

During the most recent age, humanity is now on the rise. Their civilizations are still nowhere near where the dwarves and elves where at their height, but humanity have certainly laid claim to the planet and are still rising. Human cities grows in size, and as they claim more land, they start to find the ruins of the civilizations that came before them. However, while humans are the dominating race on the planet, most areas are still unexplored. Humanity keeps mostly to the coastal areas, as expeditions into the inland of the continents tends to be both difficult and dangerous. Most explores who attempt to chart these places never return. So far, humans haven't made claim to even a tenth of the land held by the elves and dwarves of the previous age.