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Ahkeem Tapisces

Ahkeem Tapisces is a human Ranger hailing from the village of Belmere.

Family and general

Ahkeem's family has a long tradition of being hunters for Belmere, which is where Ahkeem learned most of his woodland skills while growing up in the forests of Ilara. Ahkeem has 3 brothers and 2 sisters, all of whom are older than he is. Their names, in descending order of age, are: Shatar (brother), Sevar (brother), Alaris (sister), Allisfal (brother) and Tsera (sister). Ahkeem's father (Estabim), together with Shata and Alaris are experienced hunters and bring home their kills for Ahkeem's mother (Katsinto) and Sevar to skin, butcher and prepare for sale. Allisfal is an apprentice tanner at the local tannery and Tsera works as a barmaid at the local tavern.

Not satisfied with life as a hunter, Ahkeem has decided to become an adventurer. To this purpose, he has spent much time in recent years becoming a specialist in fighting with a pair of bastard swords, which he purchased from the local blacksmith in exchange for his services as a hunter. He has only recently determined himself ready to take on his new life as an adventurer.

Ahkeem has long harboured a strong dislike of trolls, which stems from his grandfather being eaten by one when Ahkeem was only a few years old. With Ahkeem's increasing skill in battle bringing the possibility of avenging his grandfather, his dislike of trolls has recently festered into a full-blown hatred of this unnatural race.

Religious persuasion

As a ranger, Ahkeem primarily prays to the god Varinda for guidance, but frequently also prays to Khalim for a swift death to his enemies whenever he enters battle. He also offers short prayers to the other gods when appropriate. However, in order to provide a more balanced party, Ahkeem very rarely prays to Marcus as Marcus has several fanatical followers in the party already.

Notable events

  • One of the "cursed" - fortune teller.
  • Ahkeem has gained possession of the "Flame of the Ancient", a legendary bastard sword forged during the "Age of the Great Dragons". Its current abilities are first strike when engaged in combat, the ability to burst into flame at will, freedom of movement and soulfire (able to hit and damage anything). It is rumoured that the abilities of the sword will grow over time as the wielder gains experience with it (currently it gives +2/+1 +1d4 fire).
  • Dragon tattoo on right temple and slightly scaled skin.


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