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Jinni Bann

Jinni Bann is the daughter of Corbyn Bann, the lord of Silver Keep. He's always been very protective of his daughter, but as she grew up into a young woman, she proved to be quite a strong-willed young lady. She has been studying wizardry, and she is not afraid to put her skills to the test in the real world, much to the chagrin of her father.

Lately, she has been having visions, which lead her to an amulet in the ruins of a dwarven city. Only through the aid of the player characters were she able to escape that place along with some of her companions. Despite this setback, she is still a capable individual, although she still need more experience to handle the more difficult situations.

She's now in Kambaria after having crossed the sea along with the player characters. Her newfound amulet have been enhancing her visions, and she knows that there is something here on this continent, relating to a river, a cave, and a king. While still quite vague, it seems that the amulet has the power to enhance and clarify her visions as she gets closer to her goal. Although she doesn't really know what her goal is and why she needs to go there, she is of the impression that it is quite important, and the fate of many people are at stake.