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Banega is the second-largest island in the Windclaw Isles. It is the home of about 23.000 people. Banega is where we can find most of the mines on the isles, and there are also rumors about some of these mines going a bit to deep and uncovering hidden secrets below. According to the rumors, these are everything from ancient treasure hoards filled with gold and ancient magic to horrible monsters and endless caverns.


Banega is a rather hilly place, which makes it unsuitable for most farming. Most of the island is located at an altitude of between 1000 and 3000 feet, while the highest peaks near the middle of the island approaches 4000 feet. There are no lowland routes across the island, making crossing it a laborious affair, even more so if any cargo is to be transported. Most cities and villages are located in the lowlands along the coast of the island, but there are some settlements near the many mines on the island as well.


Lenwer is the capital of Banega. It is sometimes used as a trading harbor with the mainland, but because it does not remain ice free in the winter, most trade goes through Snowport on Windclaw, and are ferried of Banega through Edwin's Landing. About 8000 people live here, out of them roughly 1% are elves, 1% dwarves, and 1% other races. The rest are humans.
Since Lenwer is the capital of Banega, it is also the seat of Lord Irghar Milwen. Even though the territory is larger, his job is much less prestigious when compared to the lord of Ilara, this is mainly due to the rich silver mine found near Silver Keep, while Banega does not have any precious metals. Glittering Mines was named because they once found a vein of gold here, but it turned out to be very small and is now completely mined out. No other mines have been able to find any trace of precious metals since.
A temple to Kira is built on the top of one of the hills in town (The lord's keep is on the other). Due to the fact that people prefer not to travel to much, this temple mainly serves only local citizens, and are as such actually smaller than Avina's temple on Ilara. There is also a small shrine to Marcus here, mainly manned by head priest Margath Pivar.

Edwin's Landing is the second important city on Banega. 7000 people call this city their home, and of them 99% are humans. Edwin's Landing is situated at a natural deepwater harbor, which have made it the perfect location from which to ship goods from. Most of this goods are sent to Snowport for further distribution. Banega's other city, Lenwer, is closer to the mainland by far, but due to the fact that Lenwer doesn't remain ice-free in the wintertime, and also that Snowport is much better protected from the forces of nature, Snowport ended up being the main export harbor on the isles, even if it is much farther away. An additional factor is also that Windclaw is by far the largest island, and even if Banega provides important export goods, Windclaw still leads the race when it comes to raw tonnage.
The city is lead by Thaltos Kane, who answers to Lord Irghar Milwen in Lenwer. Due to the status of Edwin's Landing, many people would argue that Thaltos is by far a more important person than Irghar.
The faith of Marcus have found a foothold here, probably due to the constant conflict with monsters and the like on the island. The temple here is surprisingly smaller than the one in Belmere.